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Discover Hidden Gems

Access secret locations you wouldn't find in a guidebook!

We go where the tour buses don't.

Venture beyond the typical tourist destinations and immerse yourself in the true spirit of Scotland. Explore hidden valleys, local customs, secret coves, and ancient villages that remain untouched by mainstream tourism.




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Experience Absolute Serenity 

A stress-free vacation where we'll handle every detail for you!

You're here to relax, so let us do all the boring tasks.

Only with a clear mind can you fully embrace the majestic allure of Scotland. That's why we'll take care of everything, including luxurious accommodations, reservations at the finest local eateries and tickets to various attractions.

Bespoke Luxury Package

We'll create a bespoke itinerary based on your personality and interests.

Explore Scotland in our fleet of luxury vehicles ensuring first-class comfort.

Travel with a knowledgeable companion who knows not just Scotland's history and geography, but its soul! Feel the rhythms and rituals of Scottish life with someone who can share personal anecdotes, introduce you to local people, and make tailored recommendations.

How do you thank someone for making all your dreams come true? George & Lindsay's Highland Tours did exactly that! Walked ancient castle battlements, admired waterfalls, drank whiskey, and enjoyed wonderful seafood. George was a great guide, rich in history and fun. Already planning our next trip with Lindsay's Highland Tours for next year!

Jon H

Absolutely MAGIC!!!

Steven and his Dad, George, were very friendly and accommodating. George was very knowledgeable as was Steven. I would highly recommend Lindsays Highland tours to anyone who wants to leave the driving to someone else and enjoy the beauty of the Highlands.


Special Day

Incredibly informative and funny; felt like a day out with a long lost uncle. If I come back to Scotland, I'll definitely be using Lindsay's Highland Tours. Even took a photo of George enjoying the scenery.

Vera S

Felt like family, great when solo travelling

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Hidden Spots You Won't Find Anywhere Else

See the best of Scotland

Our Scottish Highland Tours leaves from Glasgow and Edinburgh

Castles & Clans

Learn about the history of Scotland

Golf & Whisky

Scotland is the home of Golf & Whisky

Outlander/Harry Potter

Walk in the footsteps of Jamie Fraser

Lochs & Landscapes

Visit the Isle of Skye

Reasons to visit Scotland

Escape the city and discover the Highlands for an experience like never before with Lindsays Highland Tours. Visit the parts of Scotland that others rarely get to see, with our Luxury Private Tours.

Our Team

Steven Lindsay


Steven launched Lindsay's Highland Tours as a 60th birthday gift to his father, turning a lifelong passion for the Scottish Highlands into a fulfilling retirement adventure. Along the way, Steven uncovered his own passion for creating unforgettable travel experiences. When he's not tailoring itineraries, you'll find him on the golf course or enjoying a dram of whisky!

George Lindsay

Driver & Guide

George, our guide and driver, has a passion for Scottish scenery and history. He has many years of first-hand experience visiting some of the most scenic and historical destinations that Scotland has to offer. Lindsays Highland Tours was created by Steven, our Director, so that George can share his passion and memories with you.

Louise Scott

Travel Coordinator

Specialising in crafting personalised adventures and working closely with travellers to ensure their trips exceed expectations, Louise is your go-to expert for a memorable Scottish journey. As Sustainability Manager, she's also committed to making us a pioneer in eco-friendly tourism, preserving Scotland's natural beauty and culture for years to come.

Ian Blair

Driver & Guide

Ian, a proud Scotsman passionate about our beautiful country with its rich history and breathtaking scenery. Ian is always excited to meet all who travel with us at Lindsay’s Highland Tours and share tales of Scotland’s people, our traditions, our history and folklore.

Our Achievements

A holiday on the Lindsay Highland and Tours is revered as one of Scotland most iconic and awarded tourism experiences.

Luxury Tour Operator of The Year

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Before You Hop Aboard...

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • How personalised can my tour be?
    At Lindsay's Highland Tours, we pride ourselves on creating journeys that resonate with your unique interests and desires. Whether you're drawn to the mystical landscapes, ancient history, cultural traditions, or the whispers of your ancestors, our tours are tailored to offer you an intimate, unparalleled experience of Scotland. Tell us your dreams, and we'll bring them to life.
  • I'm interested in ancestral history. Can you accommodate that?
    Absolutely. Many of our guests are deeply moved by exploring their ancestral connections. We can weave in visits to historical sites significant to your lineage, helping you trace the footsteps of your ancestors. It's not just a tour; for many, it's a profound journey home.
  • Will I be part of a large tourist group?
    No, we specialise in private, luxurious tours, offering an exclusive and personalised experience. You'll avoid the crowds, accessing hidden gems that aren't part of the typical tourist trails. Our focus is on quality, not quantity, ensuring your journey is intimate, immersive, and utterly unforgettable.
  • Are the tours worth the money?
    Every journey with Lindsay's Highland Tours is an investment in an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. We provide access to exclusive locations, luxury accommodations, fine dining, and a personal guide who reveals the soul of Scotland. Our guests often say the emotional connection, deep relaxation, and personal discoveries they experience are priceless.
  • I'm a fan of 'Outlander'/'Harry Potter'. Will I get to see filming locations?
    Certainly! We understand the thrill of walking through the same landscapes your favourite characters have traversed. Our tours can include visits to iconic filming locations from 'Outlander', 'Harry Potter', and more.
  • What measures do you take to ensure a stress-free holiday?
    From the moment you begin planning to your journey's last goodbye, we handle every detail. This includes luxurious accommodations, transportation, reservations, and exclusive access to attractions. Your role? Simply immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and magic of Scotland, worry-free.
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