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About Us





Lindsay's Highland Tours was born out of a genuine discontent with the mass-market representation of our beloved Scotland. As proud Scots, we found that the true essence of our homeland was lost in oversized tour groups and generic itineraries. 


We knew that the real magic of Scotland lay in its intimate tales, hidden trails, and majestic landscapes that one can only appreciate through a tailor-made journey. Driven by this realisation, we set out to offer something different: tours that are not about herding tourists, but about understanding individual interests and creating deeply personal Scottish experiences that resonate long after you leave.

Where It All Began


A Personal Dream

My father, George Lindsay, had a lifelong dream of travelling and exploring Scotland. From my earliest memories, I remember him taking our family away to the highlands whenever he got the chance. My dream was to help him retire and work on something he was passionate about. So, when he turned 60, I presented him with the business plan — a map of Scotland, some Irn Bru and keys to a van. On that day, Lindsay's Highland Tours came to life.

Who We Are

Lindsay's Highland Tours started as a father-son duo who were passionate about travelling and exploring the hidden trails of Scotland. 


Today, it has grown to a team of 6 professionals who've helped hundreds of travellers around the world experience the true beauty of Scotland.

The Turning Point


The Journey Begins

As Lindsay's Highland Tours took its first steps, we were motivated by the joy of sharing Scotland's beauty and rich heritage with people from all over the world. Our journey began with bespoke tours, each meticulously crafted to reflect the passions and interests of our guests. We helped them experience the real Scotland, from a local's perspective. This is what makes our trips so unique


Our Destination

At Lindsay's Highland Tours, our mission is simple yet profound: to showcase Scotland as the ultimate travel destination. Leveraging our local expertise, we're committed to delivering the ultimate travel experiences that capture the heart and soul of Scotland. Our vision is to allow traveler’s to see Scotland through the eyes of those who know it best—it's locals

Where We're Going

Our Vehicles

Mercedes V Class

Hop into our Mercedes V-Class and you'll feel like Scottish royalty. Super spacious and comfy leather seats,— it's the go-to for families or friends who want to tour Scotland like VIPs.

Volkwagen Transporter

Looking for something solid and roomy? Our Volkswagen Transporter has got you covered. It's got the space for your group and luggage, great for a comfortable trip through the highlands.

BMW 5 Series

If cruising in style is your thing, then our BMW 5 Series is your ride. It's sleek, fast, and an enjoyable drive—perfect for those who like their road trips with a dash of luxury.

Impact and Sustainability

At Lindsay's Highland Tours, we recognise the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and actively contributing to the development of a sustainable tourism industry in Scotland. Our focus lies in creating lasting benefits for local communities, preserving the natural and cultural environment, and safeguarding the destinations we visit for future generations.

Read more about the Sustainability Policy





At Lindsay's Highland Tours, our mission is to unveil the authentic heart of Scotland through bespoke, immersive experiences that transcend standard tourism. We're dedicated to crafting deeply personal journeys that resonate with the individual spirit of each guest, revealing the hidden gems, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes of our homeland.

We envision a future where Lindsay's Highland Tours is synonymous with the soul of Scottish exploration — where we're not just guides, but storytellers, guardians, and friends. Our aspiration is to touch lives across the globe, inviting them to partake in Scotland's untold stories and unseen splendours.

Steven Lindsay


Steven launched Lindsay's Highland Tours as a 60th birthday gift to his father, turning a lifelong passion for the Scottish Highlands into a fulfilling retirement adventure. Along the way, Steven uncovered his own passion for creating unforgettable travel experiences. When he's not tailoring itineraries, you'll find him on the golf course or enjoying a dram of whisky!

Meet The Team

Our Achievements

A holiday on the Lindsay Highland and Tours is revered as one of Scotland most iconic and awarded tourism experiences.

Luxury Tour Operator of The Year

Why Choose Us

Authentic Scottish Experience

Dive deep into the heart of Scotland with tours crafted by locals who know and love their homeland. Experience the true essence of Scotland, beyond the usual tourist spots.

Tailor-Made Journeys

Every traveller is unique, and so should be their journey. Our tours are bespoke, designed around your interests, ensuring a personal touch in every adventure.

Hidden Locations

Venture off the beaten path and discover secret places, ancient tales, and local customs that remain untouched by mainstream tourism.

Seamless Travel Experience

From luxurious accommodations to reservations at the finest local restaurants, we handle every detail, ensuring a stress-free and immersive vacation.

Deep Cultural Immersion

Our tours aren't just about sightseeing; they're about feeling the heartbeat of Scotland, connecting with its history, traditions, and people.

First-Class Comfort

Travel in style and comfort with our fleet of luxury vehicles. Every journey is an indulgence, ensuring you experience the majestic landscapes of Scotland with unparalleled ease and class.

Our tour was everything and more that we had hoped for! George Lindsay was outstanding in every way, and very friendly and personable! Would highly recommend this company for your tour plans!

Ralph F

Outstanding Highland Experience!

Our guide Ian was fantastic! He followed our loose itinerary and gave us options to add or delete places and activities. I would highly recommend Lindsay’s Highland Tours in the future.

Karen B

Epic Highland Tour

The team is knowledgeable on local monuments and landmarks. If you're looking for a company that goes the extra mile, look no further. Nice people for long journeys; would not use anyone else. Top class.


Highland Golf Tour

Client Stories

Scotland Is Calling

Click on the link below to get a FREE, bespoke travel itinerary crafted by a local guide based on your interests.

George Lindsay

Driver & Guide

George, our guide and driver, has a passion for Scottish scenery and history. He has many years of first-hand experience visiting some of the most scenic and historical destinations that Scotland has to offer. Lindsays Highland Tours was created by Steven, our Director, so that George can share his passion and memories with you.

Louise Scott

Travel Coordinator

Specialising in crafting personalised adventures and working closely with travellers to ensure their trips exceed expectations, Louise is your go-to expert for a memorable Scottish journey. As Sustainability Manager, she's also committed to making us a pioneer in eco-friendly tourism, preserving Scotland's natural beauty and culture for years to come.

Ian Blair

Driver & Guide

Ian, a proud Scotsman passionate about our beautiful country with its rich history and breathtaking scenery. Ian is always excited to meet all who travel with us at Lindsay’s Highland Tours and share tales of Scotland’s people, our traditions, our history and folklore.

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